I give up. I'm out

I’ve tried defending this game through the bugs. I’ve tried being patient. At this point, it’s not worth my time and effort anymore. Let me know when either my character is fixed or the bugs are gone. I’m out.


Thanks for everything in the event you don’t come back–I’m only ~50 - 100 hours (I think? dunno where to check) and you were absolutely helpful.

I’m not quite jaded yet, but DAMN some classes have a lot of bad bugs (all the bugs I’ve gotten are between fights and I can fix by relogging). Here’s to hoping they take it seriously and have the means to fix the issues.

I think they’ve been doing fine up until now (as far as positive reviews go) due to the lack of competition, but I do worry for the community if another VRMMO comes out that’s more polished. I’d hate to leave, but if the gameplay is better I might switch :frowning:

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Thanks for everything you have done for the community, cya in the next vrmmo

Thank you for everything honesty, I hope to see you back someday

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Man this sure makes me miss old game, feels like there were less bugs back then :frowning:


@Mathieu_D please stop releasing new content and fix the bugs. Over three quarters of the people I used to play with quit because it seems to be so low on the priority list, thanks. We don’t need new content we need a working game.

I personally don’t understand the logic behind continuing with more content rollout on an obviously severely broken game.

Would appreciate some acknowledgement for the community.


I’m gonna be honest, that was a bit rude. The reason for releasing new content is the people that work on new content and fix bugs are different so they can be worked on at the same time. As a matter of fact, Mathieu popped into chat the other day and got a lot of bugs to fix that he didn’t know about. They are putting in a lot of work so have some patience. This is turning into a pig pile of hating on the devs instead of helping them.


Any undertaking of this magnitude takes time, reworking and fixing. Orbusvr is much like it’s own metropolis, country or universe where something or an aspect is always under construction. As a New Yorker I would not leave because a train is out of service or a road heeded construction or maintenance. I would find another way to get to my destination or place of enjoyment.

To me Orbusvr is no different.


So your saying that the new content should have priority over the game breaking bugs?


Because a programmer adding in new content would have the same or similar skill set as those who are fixing the bugs and the game is dying because it’s broken.


But you would leave if every where you went and every aspect of it was broken down closed or causing harm and every time you left your home you risked running into something that was impossible or near impossible to overcome without doing something completely illegal or high risk in order to make it through the day…

Because that is the state of the game people are literally having to “cheat” or exploit the game in order to make sure that 70% percent of the game is possible to complete. I.E. skywalking, leashing adds, using stuck combat, manipulating pally rez, cheesing mechanics, constantly having to relog due to latency, full crashes, lack of ingame audio, severe racism and hate speech, not to mention just about every class has a main mechanic or multiple that are severely broken or completely useless for the content being released and the hardest content in the game is so bugged that it becomes literally impossible to see the intended mechanics or do them properly.

Cause that’s some real loyalty if you were willing to stay.



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There’s also concerns that releasing new content will make bugs worse. I mean I held my breath with the facial animation update as I was concerned desyncs or class breaks would be worse. Prior to that update I never heard a single person mention that they wanted to see mouths move.

Meanwhile the only way so far to beat last boss citadel hard mode is to only have 3 people in combat with the boss while everyone cowers in the corner and a bard passively healing the tank as to stay out of combat. All secretly praying that they can go for 20 minutes without lag, connectivity, desync, having a purple orb float off to no where during blue phase, or the boss deciding he’s had enough and leashes himself after hell phase.


Pretty much this, a lot of the major struggles during content in this game is not due to difficulty its due to bugs and errors and I personally get extremely nervous anytime content is released because at least for me a majority of the time things keep getting more and more unbearable as far as errors, desync, and lag. And I for one am struggling to play anymore because after nearly a year of playing the bugs and issues have to be treated like a feature. I still complete content but after all this time, and it’s only getting worse, it feels like a slap in the face. And anytime it happens it’s out of my and everybody else’s control. The fact that a shard can break due purely to errors, crashes and relogs, or a raid goes incomplete due to the same and more seems like a really rough way to play any game let alone a vr mmo that has actual physical movement. And the content that has been released since I started last December has been almost purely cosmetic and graphical updates which have only made things worse in terms of reliability. To me it’s just shocking that of all things that continue to cause actual gameplay issues that is still what is priority. Aside from hardmode citadel which is buggy as hell there have been no new gameplay content just perceived QoL that I have seen either very few or no one ask for and I just can’t wrap my head around that. I love this game but this is entirely too many errors to make a player base deal with and what we have now is moving mouths and avatar cosmetic upgrades… call me disrespectful I don’t care because that is not the intention, but I have been playing mmos for like 19 years and this is completely unheard of in terms of priority updates.



So how exactly do you suggest we help the devs other than what people have already been doing for a very long time? By this i mean descriptions, contexts, screenshots, videos etc?

The thing is though, that most of the bugs people are really annoyed about are not VR specific at all, of which many have existed for years.

Anyway, that is my 2 cents on the matter. I personally haven’t logged in in a good while because every time i get the urge to do so, i also remember all the issues that i probably will have to deal with. And then the urge disappears again.

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Edit 2, some history:

2021 in general
Multiclass and other desync issues (look for the threads yourself, plenty in the recent ones)

June, 2021

May, 2021

June, 2018

May, 2018

April, 2018

Many of the issues from 2018 still exist in various forms.


What makes you think they are focusing all on content and no bugs? Mathieu said himself they have people for bugs and people for content. They work at it all on the same time. Mathieu has made it clear they are putting a lot of work into this.

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Nothing at all. I do not believe i have stated so any place. However, as it currently stands (the past taken into account), maybe all resources should be pooled into bug fixing. And sure, there may well be people on the “content” team that are not qualified for bug fixing itself. However, those resources could be directed towards playtesting instead.

We as players do not know how the team workflow and workload is managed. All we can do is guess. However, what we do know is the state of the game now and in the past. Personally, by now i think it is borderline embarrasing that many if not most of these issues have been fixed. And that has nothing to do with hating on devs rather than actually wanting an enjoyable relatively bugfree game rather than new content.


My point is that Mathieu has made it more than clear that the dev team is working hard on fixing these bugs and giving us what we want.

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Yes, he has. But he/the team also made sure they were working hard on fixing bugs in the past. Yet, there they are.

People are hopping on this bandwagon of assuming the devs have become all content and no bugs which is unnecessary and won’t get anything done. This is a small dev team and they are doing their best. I’m not pleased either but I am understanding and I’m trying to be as patient as possible.

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